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New Char EP5 mix char w/ pet only vend at market for 1 gold and skills of mix class at campus!! our Server use hamachi for now ^_^ come and join!! exp rate is 500x and gold drop 500x also!!!
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 Mystic Peak

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PostSubject: Mystic Peak   Mystic Peak Icon_minitimeThu Jul 03, 2008 5:08 am

Mystic Peak Mp1010

Mystic Peak is the second campus to be created
by the Sacred Financial Group. For strategic reasons, the campus is
located on the Northern area of RAN world. Although the curriculum of
Mystic Peak is similar to that of the other schools, its dedication to
the arts is what sets Mystic Peak apart. This classical approach has
helped make Mystic Peak the most picturesque of the schools. Classrooms
are surrounded by lush, verdant greens and trees, fields of blooming
flowers and plants that add color and vibrancy to an already scenic
campus. Stained glass windows frame the campus buildings with an air of
solemn grandeur.

A grand staircase in the center of the campus
offers a tremendous view of the flora and fauna that envelops the
inside of this campus.

I love Pink ^_^

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Mystic Peak
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