Chaos Ran Online (EP4 Mix EP5)

New Char EP5 mix char w/ pet only vend at market for 1 gold and skills of mix class at campus!! our Server use hamachi for now ^_^ come and join!! exp rate is 500x and gold drop 500x also!!!
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PostSubject: POW INT DEX ETC   Sat Jul 05, 2008 10:12 am

(Dexterity) - Adding points to this stat increases your evasion,
defense and accuracy . Characters who focus on this stat have the
fastest type of attacks with high evasion, defense and accuracy.
Fundamental stat of fighters, swordmen, and archers.

Pow (Power)
- Increasing this stat increases the attack attack of the character.
Some prefer this stat because it's skills deliver high damage. Usually
associated with high damaging and slow skills. Fundamental stat of for
all physical attackers. .

Int (Intelligence) or Spi (Spirit) -
Increasing this stat increases the Magical attack of the character as
well as total Magic Points. Vital for strengthening magical attacks and
furthering the mp pool. Most important to Qigongs but equally important
to Int based types and those needing mp.

Vit (Vitality) This
stat determines Hit points or HPs. Most players at the higher levels
raise this stat as raising other stats at this point offers little.
Crucial for the "tank".

Stm (Stamina) - Increases SP pool. Not a stat people build up as there are buffs that increase sp regen.


Luv u Very much

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