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 Weapon Armor Upgrading

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PostSubject: Weapon Armor Upgrading   Weapon Armor Upgrading Icon_minitimeSat Jul 05, 2008 10:16 am

Weapon / Armor Upgrading FAQ

1. What is weapon/armor upgrading?
upgrading is the process of using upgrade components in order to
increase the attack power (weapons) and defense (armor) of

2. What items are used for upgrading?
are 7 upgrade components that can be used. Each component has 2
variants. 6 of those upgrade components can be used with armor only,
the remaining 1 can only be used for weapons, The component used to
increase the attack power of weapons is burr (and fine burr). Meanwhile
the component used to increase the defense of an armor is protection
potion (and luxury protection potion). The remaining 5 components
provide elemental resistance and can only be used on armor. The 5
components are crystal(ice resistance), sodium(electric resistance),
iron(fire resistance), silver(poison resistance) and bone powder(wind
resistance.) Their variants are as follows fine crystal, fine sodium,
fine iron, fine silver, fine bone powder.

3. How do I upgrade items?
order to upgrade an item you need a weapon or an armor in your
inventory. Next, left click on the upgrade component then bring it on
top of the weapon/armor that you wished to upgrade, then right click on
that item. Your item is now upgraded.

4. Where can I get upgrade components?
components are only dropped by monsters. You can buy upgrade
components at the NPC. Oftentimes there are players that sell upgrade
components, you can buy upgrade components from them. There are also
events that give upgrading components as reward.

5. Can I remove upgrade components?
No, once the upgrade component has been used, it can never be removed. Be careful using upgrade components.

6. What is the maximum upgrade level?
The maximum upgrade level is +9 (plus nine).

7. How many weapon / armor stats are added per upgrade level?
Added attack power and defense varies from one weapon/armor to another.

8. Which of the upgrade items do i use for weapons? How about for armor?
use burr and fine burr for weapons. For armor, you use protection
potion, luxury protection potion, crystal, fine crystal, sodium, fine
sodium, iron, fine iron, silver, fine silver, bone powder and fine bone

9. There seems to be two variants for each kind of upgrade item, whatís the difference with each variant?
components that do not have the ?fine? prefix, will only upgrade the
weapon/armor from +1 to +4 Upgrade components that have the ?fine?
prefix, will upgrade the weapon/armor from +1 to +9.

10. Are there any risks when upgrading weapons/armor?
is absolutely no risk of any kind when upgrading from +1 to +4. However
from +4 there is already a risk when upgrading a weapon. As the ?+?
increases, the risk also increases.

11. What are the chances of having a successful upgrade?
+1 to +4 = 100 %
+4 to +5 = 100 %
+5 to +6 = 100 %
+6 to +7 = 100 %
+7 to +8 = 50 %
+8 to +9 = 25 %
The percentage is just a basis.

12. What happens when the upgrade fails?
are three things that could happen you weapon. First, the upgrade
fails, nothing happens to your weapon. Second, the upgrade fails, the
upgrade level goes back to zero (0). Third, the upgrade fails and your
weapon breaks, rendering it unusable.

13. Can I buy upgrading components in Zeus RANís online shop?
Upgrade components is not available in Zeus RAN?s item shop.

14. If I buy this from the marketplace, how much does each upgrading item cost?
components sold in the marketplace by players varies from one player to
another. There is currently no price range for items sold in the

15. My weapon/armor is already +4 and I still used
a burr/protection potion and other non ?fine? upgrade components, what
will happen?
The weapon will not get upgraded anymore, you will see
a warning message in red in the chatbox that you cannot use burr /
protection potion to upgrade the weapon. You need to use fine burr /
luxury protection potion and other ?fine? upgrade component to go
beyond +4.

16. My weapon/armor is already +9 and I still used a
fine burr/ luxury protection potion and other ?fine? upgrade
components, what will happen?
You will not be able to upgrade your weapon any further. You will see a warning message in red in the chatbox.

17. Can I upgrade accessories including those I bought from the item shop?
No, you cannot upgrade accessories including those bought from the item shop?

18. Can I upgrade weapons I bought from the item shop?
Yes you can but these weapons have an expiration date. You may be just wasting upgrade components.

19. Can I upgrade costumes?
No, you cannot but you can upgrade the armor where the costume has been attached with

20. Can I restore/retrieve weapons/armors that has been lost through failed weapon/armor upgrades?
No, once the weapon/armor shatters, it is lost forever.

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Weapon Armor Upgrading
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