Chaos Ran Online (EP4 Mix EP5)

New Char EP5 mix char w/ pet only vend at market for 1 gold and skills of mix class at campus!! our Server use hamachi for now ^_^ come and join!! exp rate is 500x and gold drop 500x also!!!
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 [Ultimate Guide]How to install Chaos Ran Online

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PostSubject: [Ultimate Guide]How to install Chaos Ran Online   [Ultimate Guide]How to install Chaos Ran Online Icon_minitimeThu Jun 19, 2008 6:13 pm

Hi to all First time players of this server....
I'm Jerica[Ultimate Guide]How to install Chaos Ran Online 2-11(Admin's Helper)
I posted this topic because some players are always asking: "How to DL this??"
The answer to ur questions is here.... P.S. Follow it Step by Step so u will not encounter some errors... thx ^^

First Download the requirements
Here are the links:
DL the client by parts... (7 parts ^^,)

Then Download the patches to run the game: ?i10xtdecnfr ?1zj2ovqnqcy ?tbeyspjhko5 ?0jmedzyynyr ?jmkt3ztydzy 8WD5U8OS 2YL0YOB9 ?mkunc45twzy ?mjmemhmemo1 ?o8tfjhskdms ?ogczlaltubj ?gyzkkdoewlj ?jxzjdtnjmym ?mgmj9wotx2a

If u downloaded all of the requirements then ur ready to install it
1.Run 123Ran Client.exe then extract it to(C:\Program Files)
2.Then after u extracted it... extract the patches one by one to ur Chaos Ran folder...
1st patch: ?i10xtdecnfr
2nd patch(launcher patch): ?1zj2ovqnqcy
3rd patch(for english bus): ?tbeyspjhko5
4th patch: (157 skills and crystal set in NPC): ?0jmedzyynyr
5th patch(for max lvl 300): ?jmkt3ztydzy

By The Way the 6th patch have to be extracted at the bgm folder of ur ranchaos folder
Ex:(C:\Program Files\ChaosRan\sounds\bgm)
6th patch (New BGM music): 8WD5U8OS
Added To the 6th patch: 2YL0YOB9
Just replace the pk.ogg in the bgm folder... ^^
BGM update patch: ?gyzkkdoewlj
If u don't have winrar just DL this insaller: ?dltovdsve1c
then install it to ur pc... ^^

7th patch(fixed exp): ?mkunc45twzy
8th patch(7-300 skills): ?mjmemhmemo1
Icons For The 7-300 skills: ?o8tfjhskdms
9th patch(new log on screen): ?ogczlaltubj
10th patch (Fix Skills): ?jxzjdtnjmym
11th patch (english map): ?mgmj9wotx2a

Then after that Download the Hamachi Installer:

After you installed the Hamachi u can now connect to the network
Here are the networks:

Server name: chaosranonline
Pass: youneed

Server name: chaosran2

Server Name: chaosran3
Pass: youneed

hamachi server name: chaosran4
pass: youneed

hamachi server name: chaosran5
pass: youneed

hamachi server name: chaosran6
pass: youneed

Remember One network for 1 pc only!!
Then if u are connected to the network... check if the server is online...

If it is Online u can register ur account here:

There's more to be added here...

More Power To Chaos Ran online

I love Pink ^_^

[Ultimate Guide]How to install Chaos Ran Online Angelwingcopiarq6

[Ultimate Guide]How to install Chaos Ran Online Arc2

[Ultimate Guide]How to install Chaos Ran Online Cabalcopy
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[Ultimate Guide]How to install Chaos Ran Online
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