Chaos Ran Online (EP4 Mix EP5)

New Char EP5 mix char w/ pet only vend at market for 1 gold and skills of mix class at campus!! our Server use hamachi for now ^_^ come and join!! exp rate is 500x and gold drop 500x also!!!
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 General Stats & Miscellanous Information

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General Stats & Miscellanous Information Empty
PostSubject: General Stats & Miscellanous Information   General Stats & Miscellanous Information Icon_minitimeFri Jun 20, 2008 6:19 am

Stats and what they do

POW = Raises basic attack power for regular attacks and skills

DEX = Raises accuracy, evasion and defense by small intervals

INT = Raises MP and Energy Value, which raises the damage of magical (only INT-based) skills

STA = Raises your SP or Stamina Points

VIT = Raises your HP or Hit Points

It is generally recommended to follow a pure build so as to acquire all the skills as early as possible.


Supplementary stats and what they do

Defense = Tolerance against enemy’s attacks

Accuracy = The rate at which you can successfully hit an enemy

Evasion = The rate at which you can dodge an enemy’s hit

Melee = The rate of close-combat damage (skills and regular attacks)

Missile = The rate of long-ranged damage (skills and regular attacks)

Energy = The rate of magical-based damage (only INT-based skills)

Life Points - Your character alignment (no use for now); Element for future game implementations

Bright Points - Also referred to as the “karma” meter, the rate at which you’ll drop an item when you die


Elemental effects

Fire/Blaze = Enemy’s attack speed and rate is decreased slightly; Enemy’s HP decreases slowly

Poison/Venom = Enemy’s attack speed is decreased slightly; Enemy’s HP decreases at a fast rate

Ice/Glacier = Enemy’s attack speed and movement is decreased; Enemy’s defense rate drops significantly

Electricity/Lightning = Enemy’s attack speed and movement is decreased significantly
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General Stats & Miscellanous Information
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